Garnier body intensive 7 days aloe hydrating lotion
Garnier body intensive 7 days aloe hydrating lotion image

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Aloe Hydrating Lotion 400ml


Try the innovation from Garnier, skin feels intensely hydrated for up to 7 days*. With its light texture and fast absorbancy you can get dressed in a flash!

Skin is left feeling irresistably soft . No wonder 9/10 ** women recommend it. Discover Now for Yourself ! Available in 5 variances for each skin type with beautiful fragrances .

**241 women tested

*After 4 weeks regular use and 1 week no use.


Product Description

Hydration felt up to 7 days


Light lotion texture

Non-greasy, non-sticky

Dermatologically tested

When you apply a moisturiser, how long does it take before your skin stops feeling hydrated?
Garnier takes care of you with:
Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion
Long-lasting hydration felt up to 7 days*
Normal skin formula enriched with:
Hydrating anti-evaporation active
Inspired by probiotics found in yoghurt, studies have revealed its capability to reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier, to help create an anti-evaporation effect and maintain long-lasting hydration.
Aloe vera
For the hydrating needs of normal skin
This desert plant has the capacity to survive for months in arid climates, without water. It produces a gel, rich in vitamins and minerals, known for its highly hydrating properties.

Skin feels hydrated for up to 7 days after last application*:
Immediately: skin feels softer and fresher
After only 7 days of use: dryness -37%, roughness -42% and suppleness + 34%***
After 4 weeks of use: a consumer study revealed that even if you were to stop applying, your skin would still feel hydrated for up to 7 days following the last application*
*After twice-daily application for 4 weeks. Consumer test on 51 subjects, 5 weeks.
**Fragment of Bifidus.
***Clinical scoring on 40 subjects.


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