Colgate Smiles Toothbrush
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Colgate Smiles Toothbrush, Soft 4-6 Years


Extra soft toothbrush

Extra soft bristles for effective and gently cleaning

Small head for easy access to child’s little mouth

Thumb rest and non-slip handle for better control

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Product Description

Small, cushioned oval head helps protect gums and get to hard to reach places

Extra soft multi-height bristles thoroughly clean teeth of all sizes

Non-slip cushioned handle for comfort and control in the hands

Toothpaste guide to measure the recommended amount of toothpaste as children become more dextrous

Kids toothbrush for ages 2-6 years old.

Developed for children 2-6, as mouths get bigger and children become more able to brush by themselves.

The Colgate Smiles range of kids toothbrushes is uniquely designed for the healthiest smiles at every age. This brush is for the needs of children 2 to 6 years old who have all front baby teeth (milk teeth) and developing molars.


For children ages 4 to 6 who are learning to brush.

Dentists and hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush at least every 3 months.


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