Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrush
Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrush image

Colgate 360° Whole Mouth Clean Battery Powered Toothbrush



  • Cheek & tongue cleaner
  • Removes 4x more bacteria than the leading battery toothbrush
  • Power away bacteria for a healthy whole mouth clean
  • Dual-action brush head
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Replaceable batteries


Product Description

Colgate 360 degree whole mouth clean toothbrush is clinically proven to clean the teeth and tongue, a prime source of bacteria odour. Raised cleaning tip bristles. Extended, pointed outer bristle tufts. Tightly packed centre bristles. Polishing cups made of soft rubber. Soft textured tongue cleaner. A dual-action brush head and comfortable non-slip handle helps reach every part of your mouth.


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